Historical carriage trip

The tour passes the following points of interest and stops for approximately 10 minutes to explore a lirttle of the Company's Gardens at the junction of Museum Road and Government Avenue.


Customs House
Albertus & Spin Streets
The Slave Plaque
Church Square
Groote Kerk - "Big Church"
The Cultural Museum
Government Avenue
Houses of Parliament
Die Tuin Huis
S.A. National Gallery
Company Gardens
SA Museum & Planetarium
Horse and Figure Statue
The National Library
St. Georges Cathedral
Burg Street
The Old Townhouse
Grand Parade

Leave the Castle Entrance at Castle St. and proceed up Buiterkant St. we then turn right into Albertus St. across the junctions of Parade St. up to Corporation St and turn right, and then left into Moste St. Cross Plain and Parliament Streets and pass the Church square. We then turn left into Adderley Street and straight into the Avenue of the Company Gardens.Just before the right turn into the University we stop for a 10-15 minute break.After the refreshment break we leave the Company Gardens at the Victoria St. Exit, turn right and proceed down to Wale Street, till we join up with Adderley Street we proceed down Adderley St. and go around the circle and fountain at Hans Strydom Avenue. We travel back up Adderley St. until reaching Darling St. where we turn left we follow Darling St. past the Parade and turn left into Castle Street and back into the Castle through the Main Entrance

Rates and times.

Winter Special
Enquire for rates

Enquire for Rates
Entrance to the Castle  R30 pp except Children and Pensioners R15

We meet at the castle (inside)

The trip is +_ an hour to a hour and half Mondays to Sundays
subject to booking
Time 10:30  12:45  and 14:45

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