A horse and carriage is a wonderful way to enhance your wedding day. After all your efforts of planning your dream day, gliding along elegantly in a horse drawn carriage will allow you the perfect opportunity to feel like a princess on this your very magical day.

Do you require a horse drawn carriage to make your wedding day that extra bit special?

Or how about arriving on horseback (side saddle).

We travel to the destination of your choice and arrive earlier to ensure maximum efficiency of our business.

Our Fee
Our fee covers all preparation, set up, and travel time. Our prices are determined by date, time, location, and the number of horses/carriages you are requesting. There is a minimum price for one horse and an elegant white carriage for up to two hours. Please call for additional information.

When we travel off site
We have large trucks and trailers which are specially designed to transport our horses and carriages. When we arrive, we discreetly set up everything and are ready to serve you at the time and location that you have specified on our Agreement.

How far do we travel ?

We have many years experience in trucking our horses all over the country. So, your wish is our command.

How many hours will I need?

A horse drawn carriage is ideal for short distances. Therefore, as you travel at a relaxed pace, you are able to enjoy this day you have worked so hard to plan for. Allow approx. 1 hour for every 10km so keep travel distance within a realistic radius. Be sure to allot enough time for:

Photos with the carriage and travel time to your reception

Come and see the carriage you wish to book!

If you have the opportunity to meet with the carriage company you are considering, we encourage you to do so.

We would be happy to set up an appt. to meet with you with absolutely no obligation.
We also offer matric balls, anniversaries, birthdays, romantic trips and much more

Contact to find out more.

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